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Tax Resolution and IRS Defense!

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High Quality Tax Representation

Whether you are facing an audit by the IRS or by the state, a qualified tax lawyer should be your first line of defense.

Handling All Tax Law Matters

Taxes are complicated enough. When challenges arise, straightforward counsel and tax representation matter most. Whether through mediation or through the courts, I will give you clear guidance on the options available to you for reaching a fair and positive outcome. 

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Tax Controversy

Secure strong representation for tax disputes, mediation and appeals.
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IRS Defense

Protect your rights and dignity under audit or investigation.
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Tax Resolution

Negotiate relief on penalties with debt repayment and installment agreements.

Dignity In Defense And Relief 

Tax audits, investigations, and litigation can be stressful to withstand aloneDo not face these without strong legal guidance committed to representing you against IRS claims. Your rights are worth protecting, and there are often options available to you for resolving your tax dispute.

use my experience to fight for resolutions and relief for my clients. I do so with great personal dignity and respect. Together, we can fight unfair claims, resolve unmanageable debts, or find a compromise that does not put your rights or reputation at risk. 

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Local Attorney, National Experience

As a longtime resident of New Orleans, I am familiar with the challenges and needs of my community—and how common tax issues may arise. When facing local or federal tax issues, it is more helpful than you know to have someone who understands tax law at both the national and community level. Tax laws are always changing; when regional differences come into play, it is important to gain the support of an attorney who can advocate for you to the fullest. 

Call me at 504-358-0507 to schedule an initial consultation, or fill out the form below. Together we can set you on the path to resolving IRS tax disputes.

Lucas H. Morehouse
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