Lucas H. Morehouse, a native New Orleanian, is a results-oriented attorney, representing clients in civil and criminal matters in the Greater New Orleans area and focusing on New Orleans Criminal Defense, DWI Defense, and Personal Injury Law.

Dedicated to the protection and legal representation of individuals and families, he develops cohesive litigation in order to assess cases, identify challenges, communicate issues, and develop strategies to ensure a just verdict. A skilled and proactive negotiator, Lucas H. Morehouse has gained the favor of his clients through settlements, meditations, arbitrations, and consent agreements. 

Lucas H. Morehouse’s professional and personal approach to legal representation ensures fair treatment under the law. As an advocate for clients’ evolving needs, Lucas H. Morehouse insists on a policy of personal interaction and straightforward communication to successfully navigate clients though court systems. His ethical, assertive, and responsive practices ensure that legal issues are resolved efficiently and legal clients are consistently treated with dignity.   

Legal Services

  • Criminal Defense
  • Drug Charges 
  • Record Expungement
  • Personal Injury
  • Civil Litigation
  • Misdemeanors 
  • Traffic Violations

Contact Lucas H. Morehouse to find out more about his legal services, set up an initial consultation, and ensure that you are protected under the fullest extent of the law.